Monday, 25 January 2010

Diet and Fitness Show + Cookie Exchange!

Hello!!!!!!! I'm still alive!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my god I had the BEST day yesterday at the Diet and Fitness Show in London. I went with
Maggie and we had so much fun and spent WAY to much money! I will say sorry for the long post but so much to tell, you know what its like when you don't post for a whole weekend!?
I was tired after my day in London so no post last night and then Saturday night I went to see Avatar after work and didn't get back til late so again no post! I had pancakes Saturday and protein quinoa porridge Sunday.

Anyways lets get to the good stuff . We started off early Sunday and made it to London just after 10 perfect timing as the show started at 10! The first stall I saw was the MBT stall the one I had been looking forward to most! Do you know about MBT's? They are trainers/shoes made to help you walk properly keep ing your body straight while toning you as you walk!

Yes I bought 2 pairs!!!!!!!! They are very expensive but they were show discounted and with the way my back is I HAD to buy some 2 pairs you may think a little excessive? I say not, I need a pair for work and they have a no trainer rule so needed some that looked more like shoes and I need a pair to go power walking/gym so you see 2 pairs was necessary! Maggie also invested in a pair. There was lots of interesting stalls with new products and we got a few freebies, I also invested in a shake cup and........

pedometer! We went to a talk by Joanna Hall a health and fitness expert who specializes in walking weight off so with our new shoes and pedometers we're all set!
Yep me and Maggie are on a new health kick, remember my post
well my new year resolutions didn't really happen I will forget the no meat as i was told by my doctor I needed to eat it so that's forgiven but the 1 treat day and only eating natural unprocessed foods!? Um yeah well that hasn't happened. Plus my back has forced me to not exercise in my usual way but I have been eating just as much! So dear friends I'll elaborate more in my post tonight but my HEALTH KICK 2010 has started a nearly a month late but its started today and i have all the things to help me on my way........

and a VITA MIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes peeps I can hardly believe my eyes i wish I could say it was mine but its not its Maggies : (
Well i was gonna buy one but it would have sat on a shelf because I live with Maggie and 2 out on the work top is just silly. I am going to get one when I move but for now i have Maggies to play with and play I will!

I told Maggie the wonders of the vita mix but she thought it was a bit expensive then after the show demo she was sold, I still can't believe i have one in my home so COOL!

I have already made a delicious hot choco protein breakfast and there are nut butters on the agenda and ground seeds and and and!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe

After my long day of MBT and vita excitement I had a bowl of soup with beetroot and rice cakes and an apple topped with frozen smoothie yogurt made in the vita ; )


Saturday Recap

My cookies arrived at work in the morning and I was sooooooooo excited! I did wait til lunch to dig in so after my salmon/rice salad I got to work on my goods!

Here are the ones I sent:

These were choco/raisin/coconut golden syrup cookies!

Do you like the pretty packaging!?

I received an email form Linds letting me know she liked them thank god! Then again you would be insane not to! ha ha ha

My package was so pretty and the biscuits peanut butter and macaroons where divine thanks again Linds, and thanks to steph, what a fab exchange!

I have a busy day of making nut butters I need to stock up on veg and I also have a hospital appointment so better get on. Oh and I need to do at least 7000 steps but more on the later. Don't forget to come back and see HEALTH KICK 2010 action plan!


Whats your favorite vita mix recipe?

I need your secrets!


  1. Uber jealous about your Vitamix! I love wearing a pedometer. Keeping track of your steps really does make you want to move more!

  2. Ah! What a fabulous weekend. So jealous of the new shoes and the vitamix. I wish I had a favorite vitamix recipe to share with you...but I don't have one! The cookies look fantastic. Love the wrap job :)

  3. oh yes i LOVE the cute packaging! how fun! oh tell me if those shoes work wonders :)

  4. Those cookies are amazing Tam. It was such good fun and I look forward to doing it again some time. xxx