Friday, 15 January 2010

Cookie Friday!

Afternoon lovelies, in honor of Tina's Cookie Friday I had a giant GF cookie!
I had my driving lesson and then went to meet the lovely Wayne. We had a coffee and I also
had my cookie, so good! This particular nanas cookie was sooooooo good, its definitely my day off today!

As I said though I am allowed one treat day a week so today is the day. Plus I'm going to my sisters tonight and I do believe more cookies are going to be made : )

I went to the gym and walked for 20mins but my back started to feel funny, well its kinda moved into my butt cheek!? Not good. So I decided to come home get lunch and urrrrrr blog!


I did indeed try something new for lunch. I had a bowl of kale and butternut squash soup and o the side I made some rice wraps, inside was broccoli and vegan cheese so good!

These babies really did turn out well, I shall be making some more sooner rather than later that's for sure!

I somehow managed to fit a little pud in! Trail mix soya yog and cinnamon, yum.

Right gotta get ready to go to my sisters, hopefully the weird feeling in my butt cheek is gonna
go soon, I'm not liking this.

Have a fun Friday!


Any plans for your weekend?

I'm working : (


  1. I love Nana's!- I wish they had more flavour available in the UK :( The choc-chip and oatmeal raisin are pretty awesome too though. (better texture i think than the no-gluten ones)
    Darn it about the bottom pain!
    You're spoon is so beautiful :)
    Love xoxo

  2. Kale and butternut squash soup! Sounds interesting and includes two of my favorite foods! Do you have a recipe? And, sadly i'm working as well.!

  3. YAY For cookie friday! that cookie looks freaking sweeeet! im going on a date tommo night with my boy-excited bout that!