Friday, 29 January 2010

The Best Breakfast Smoothie Soup + Thursday Fun

Hey everyone!!!!!! Sorry for my disappearing act yesterday but I didn't have time to post before going out for our very late Christmas meal more on that later first lets get to today......

My breakfast is the exact same as I had yesterday, I couldn't resist another bowl of the best smoothie EVER! Oh my god sooooooooo good! Debs would be proud! I used my new chocolate protein powder and WOW I'm in love

In the mix:

1 scoop soya protein powder, 1/3 cup low lacto milk, tbsp soya bran, tsp maca+cocoa, xanthan+guar gum,
cup water, 4 ice cubes, topped with walnuts

This bad boy got me ready for my work day along with a cup of fresh ginger T. After breakfast I got my stuff together and walked to work.........

Around 10.30am I felt a little peckish so had a scrummy boiled egg, this was the perfect snack to get me through to lunch.............

Lunch was yumMY! Great salad of basmati brown rice, raw carrots, soya beans 2 almond stuffed olives, coriander leaves and a tsp of walnut oil delish

For a sweet I had 1 of my homemade protein bars topped with some natural yogurt, I've been getting along with the milk and greek yogurt so I've been trying natural yogurt and its been ok so far which is great I love natural yogurt.

I had a date with the gym after work so had a few nuts and an apple (not pictured!) to keep me going I had a quick session as I had to walk home and in the dark I don't like to walk home to late because its kinda scary. I did 25 minutes on the cross trainer and 15 minutes on the arm bike
my back is still iffy so I'm still taking it easy but lovin being back to exercising a bit more : )

when I got home I had to make dinner and was quite hungry so had a small slice of my tasty GF bread with soya marg and marmite. Yes you either love it or hate it and I love it! How about you?

I made a new recipe for my din dins today. Soya and adzuki bean burgers, these were ok but not fantastic they need some work but I enjoyed the change

Pudding was ground rice carob and coconut pud topped with greek yogurt perfect end to my day
I nearly cracked and had a coffee today but I controlled myself I'm doing well with the diet and exercise so far : )


See Thursday started with my super tasty smoothie, I'm thinking 3 days in a row might actually happen it really is worth it! After my breakfast I went to the gym early before I started work. I walked there and did:

25 minutes cross trainer, outer hip abductions 3 sets of 8, inner hip abductions 3 sets, 10 minutes stair master, squats 3 sets, lunges 3 sets and the plank for 1 minute. This was perfect not to hard on the body but got me a good sweat on!

When I got to work I had a protein bar homemade! As well as some nettle tea, I'm officially addicted to it I drink it all day!

Later I had an apple more T and water

Lunch was the same as Wednesday and just as good

Pud was a third of this pot of natural yogurt yummy.
After work I popped round to see my friend Wayne because it was his birthday yesterday and I had a gift for my lovely friend which he loved thank god! We chatted for a while over some ginger T then I hurried home to get ready for my staff Christmas meal ( so late!)

I was a starvin marvin when I got home so had some beets and a slice of GF toast with choco almond butter which definitely hit the spot, right it was definitely time to get ready by now!

Pearls, diamonds and hair piece = ready to go out! We went to a fab bar called Porters which serves the most delicious foods and they definitely didn't disappoint

The 3 boys had steak which served on a hot rock and you cook it to your liking how cool is that!?

Leanne had lamb cutlets in a red wine and rosemary sauce

I had slow roasted shoulder of lamb with chips and veg OH MY GOD this was probably some of the best lamb I've EVER had, it just fell apart. There was so much but yes I ate it all, it would have been rude not to!

Its late and I have work in the morning so this is good night x x


Whats your favorite kind/flavor of yogurt?

Mine is soya yogurt with greek coming a close second


  1. Hi Tam!
    Your basmati brown rice, raw carrots, look great as do your homemade protein bars.
    Did you see the MASSIVE yoga post I did?
    Some of what you need may be there. But I would just say stengthen your core with dolphin pose, plank, chaturunga, etc. and your back will become stronger with those :)

  2. I do remember and will definitely look back over it thanks Averie x x

  3. Boiled eggs last for SO long in the tummy!! I miss Marks and Spencer. I MISS LONDON!!!!!

  4. hey hey! wow, you have some nice eats! i especially am curious about these protein bars!

    as for yogurt, i eat plain only, but if i had chobani around...then i'd choose vanilla, or peach. =D

    hugs! and sorry about your back- strengthen that core!

  5. that smoothie looks so awesome! nice job! oikos is def my fave :)