Sunday, 3 January 2010

Back to Work : (

Hey there! How's ya Sunday going? Mine has been quite good even though I had to go back to retail hell! I started my day with some GF carob + protein pancakes. These were uber tasty especially the topping of soya yogurt and tahini, so good!

Before walking to work I made my lunch, green monster and carrot sticks, health sensation!

I wasn't even peckish til around 3 but new I had to eat then because I planned a trip to the gym so needed the energy. I had my green monster and carrot sticks as well as some rice cakes and vegan cream cheese. This gave me the energy I needed at the gym. I had a good workout:
20mins up hill climb on treadmill, 20mins arm bike, 15mins stepper then after some stretches
I walked home. I was hungry all the way home and couldn't wait to get dinner made!

And boy did I make a good one today! I needed something quick so steamed some veg, and made a soya mince and red pepper omelet. I also stirred the veg with some vegan pesto, yep this was a gooooooooood dinner!

As always pudding was needed so I settled for some quinoa and sliced apple pud. Topped with yogurt and sunflower seeds the perfect way to finish my food day! Going back to work was
not the best way to spend a Sunday but hey have tomorrow off so not all bad! I plan to really get my head down and study tomorrow I am so behind in my course. I really would like to finish it
within the next couple of months so I really gotta get stuck in! I'm also planning on meting up
with a friend Jamie to go for a power walk with the wrist weights on.

I'm getting sleepy so shall say nightie night x x


  1. Yummy eats!

    Save me a pancake!


  2. i so totally NEED To try quinoa!
    yours looks so great!
    and the pancakes-been seeing them ALL over the blog world dangit!