Friday, 22 January 2010

Another Newbie!

What a grey grey day. The rain the wind and the darkest skies roll on the summer I say!
I managed to get my cookie exchange packed and ready for Linds today. They looked so pretty I hope she likes them I'm kinda sure she will but ya never know!?

I started my day with a bowl of banana protein quinoa flakes, I added more water today and there was way more volume to this today good thinking Janetha! The tahini topping was the perfect combo.

Work was pretty dull today but the thought of having an early finish kept me going. I felt a little peckish around 12 so fed the hunger with a tasty cox apple, twas lovely.

I got lunch at 1.30pm, I was told by my doc to stay off canned food and I haven't eaten any for nearly 3 weeks. I had a can of tune clogging up my food cupboard and thought what the hell one wont hurt!? So I made a delicious salad of tuna, quinoa, pepper and soya beans drizzled with walnut oil. Oh my this was good.

I followed lunch with a blueberry yogurt it didn't disappoint. But about 10mins later my tummy started to turn and I got really bad cramps! The only thing I can think is the tuna (FROM A CAN!) is not my friend its the only thing I haven't eaten in ages then suddenly cramps so thankfully its all gone now and the other canned food is going to papa.

I got out od work and went straight home to finish of typing up my assignment. Once finished I had a fab idea of making some ice cream a la HEAB. I slightly changed the recipe as I can't get stevia here boo hoo. Plus I fancied something minty. I put my mixture in the freezer ready for my pud..........

I also made a new batch of soup, sweet potato and swede soup. Damn this was good I made it really thick. I used to always make my soups uber thick but recently they've been a lot thinner thankfully I've got my thick soup groove on again! I had a boiled egg and some rice cakes and tahini on the side.

Newbie Alert! Yes my avocado peppermint ice cream was a treat especially topped with coconut and raisins. It needs a little work but it's a good first attempted that's for sure!

Align Centre
Yummy choco mess!

I gotta go wash the locks so for now good night my pretties x


Whats your favorite ice cream flavor?

Mine has to me mint choc chip.
That thought has made me want some choc chips hmmmmmm........


  1. I like birthday cake or lemon ice cream.

    Every thing you've posted looks soooo good and nutritious. Avocado mint iceream defintely sounds like a treat!

  2. I love the flavor of tahini, it's so rich and nutty with a little bit of bitterness. It's so awesome on apples!
    The icecream looks so amazing. My favorite flavor (I think...) is chocolate chip cookie dough!

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  4. Those cookies were amazing! So delicious. I'd love the recipe.

    Thanks so much Tam!