Wednesday, 20 January 2010

32 and counting!

Good Morning!!!!!!

After a bad day yesterday, I'm moving on and thinking positive. I woke at 7 and got ready to walk the mile to the pool. I snacked on 1/2 a grapefruit drizzled with agave before leaving. I'd forgotten how good grapefruits are it was a tasty surprise.

I managed 32 lengths in the pool, which is half a mile!!!!!!! I'm quite chuffed with that, I gained 10 lengths and its only my second time! I do have today off though so I had more time, tomorrow will have to be less maybe as I have to get there and get back for work so as long as I can get 20 in I'll be happy. My aim is to build up to 64 because that will be a mile, bit by bit though ay!

I felt like having a change today and went for a cornflake breakfast. I had a bowl of GF cornflakes topped with a banana and walnuts. I also had low lacto milk and soy milk poured over the top.
Yummy, this was good.

I'm now relaxing with a fresh ginger tea. Plan is to read some of your wonderful blogs then type up my assignment plus I have a driving lesson today at 2pm. Then I feel the need to go hang with my dad he finishes early today so I see a coffee and a hug in my future.......


Whats your favorite cereal other than the obvious oats!?

Mine has to be cornflakes x

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