Thursday, 3 December 2009

Where did the winter come from???!!

I woke up at 6am today and did an hour of yogalates, I love my new found joy of doing yoga
I'm looking forward to getting a bit more flexible, plus I find it a brilliant start to my day.

Yes what you see is true the greenest breakfast ever! I went for another green breakfast
today and boy was it green! Very tasty though, its such a good idea and an easy way to sneak in one of your 5 a day, in the mix:

1/2 cup GF porridge
1/2 cup water + soya milk
4 dates chopped
large handful of spinach
homemade almond butter
tsp almond essence

This was a tasty breakfast the almond essence was perfect for my witches brew! Over at
Faith, Food and Fitness this breakfast is known as swampy oats but as I can't eat oats
I've renamed it to my witches brew! I think it works being so green n all!

Before work I whizzed up a smoothie to go with my lunch, it was a mix of soya milk, banana,
linseeds, kale and a sachet of Amazing Grass Superfood. I love this stuff its great that
something soooooo good for you tastes this good!
I left for work late, oops, it was quite good running late though as it made me have to walk fast which was a godsend as it was so COLD!
Where did this winter weather come from, brrrrrr, bring on the blankets!

So for lunch I had 1/2 a pepper, a carrot chopped, 1/2 an avocado and my tasty smoothie,
sorry forgot to picture my smoothie but you saw the ingredients so I'm pretty sure you can figure
out it was pretty green and tasty!

After work I planned a trip to the gym but before that I met my friend Wayne for a hot bevvy and a catch up. I had a mint tea and an apple for a pre-workout snack. Ah what a wonderful friend he gave me my birthday present as I hadn't seen him since before I went away it is the BEST gift ever, I shall picture it in daylight tomorrow for all its glory!

I got these really cool workout routines from my Womens Fitness magazine this month
and had to go to the gym to try some out. They are 20 minute routines for the stepper, treadmill, cross trainer, rower and bike. Using interval training these are easy routines that don't bore you.
today I did the bike, cross trainer and stepper routines 60 minutes and it went by so quick!

60 mins
455 calories
50% fat
max HR 168, avg HR 132

After my workout I walked home, it was even colder in the dark!

I was in the mood for comfort food tonight so for dinner I had steamed veg with butternut
squash mash mixed with the tomato and chili sauce I bought yesterday topped with some
mackerel in tom sauce, this was a good meal the sauce was quite spicy but in a good way!

Now here's the comfort! I needed a good pud tonight so I made a coconut/raisin/carob pudding topped with soya yogurt and cinnamon DELISH!

I have my second driving lesson tomorrow so should really read up on my highway code and maneuvers!

Maybe after some blog catch ups!

Happy Thursday Peeps xx

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