Wednesday, 2 December 2009

What "Amazing" meals!

Once my breakfast had settled I fancied a coffee so I made myself a freshly ground one and the the need for a run came to mind. I haven't run for a month now as I was suffering from a sore hip. I was a little cautious because I really don't want to be off all exercise due to an injury.
Once my coffee was finished I put my heart rate/calorie counter watch on changed into my
running gear and was off.......
I had the BEST run!

4o mins
355 calories
35% fat
max H/R 185, avg H/R 150

I actually wore my wrist weights today too, I felt the need!

I also wore a hat, my hair was um how shall I say..... a MESS!
My run was grand and I had a little twinge in one shin but other than that all was fine, it
felt so good to be out running I've missed it so much! I will try and do one road run a week
while my hip gets used to it and I shall do some on the running machines in the gym too
girls just gotta run!

Finally I have tried Amazing Grass!
I always see this super food about the blog world and have been dying to try it well
today I did and woo hoooooo is it good!

In the mix:

small banana, dsp ground linseeds, 3 dates, cup soya milk + water, big bunch of spinach
and the sacred ingredient a packet of chocolate green super food.

I had my super soup with a red pepper on the side and it was lovely, I shall definitely be investing in a large pot of this super food!

Note to self: Soak dates to soften before adding to the mix!

I found some tasty teas while away in Barcelona, this one is chamomile, mint and aniseed a new favorite!

In the afternoon was going on a little shopping trip with my papa but was a little peckish, my green soup was good but I needed something else to get me through till dinner.
I had 2 rice cakes with tahini and a pear, yum!

I came across some tasty goods at the shops check these out! All of them gluten/wheat and dairy free, my meals are gonna be tastyyyyyyyyyyy!

For dinner I had some steamed carrots, broccoli and sweet potato with some vegan pesto and avocado.

Dinner was fantastic and really hit the spot I loved the pesto, it was a very good buy.

Dinner was really filling but I was still on the look out for pudding, yes my stomach is bottomless! I went for some apple + quinoa pudding topped with cinnamon. I've had more fruit than usual today but its just been a fruity day I suppose!

Well back to work tomorrow, which I not looking forward to but I can't tell you why yet
just wish me luck I'm gonna need it x x


  1. The chocolate Amazing Grass is definitely the best :)

    Love the combination of avocado + sweet potato!

  2. nothin wrong with a fruity day girl!! what a GREAT run, good job!