Sunday, 13 December 2009

Weekend Catch Up

Hey everyone! How's the weekend been for ya?
My weekend has been good. I invested in a Kenwoods smoothie 2go. Oh my god this is sooooooo
good I love it, I can make smoothies in the cup change the lid and take them with me, so easy its fab!

Saturday morning I woke early and did an hour of yogalates, then made my first smoothie in my
new machine, it was banana and almond butter goooooooood! I had to get ready quick because I
had a parcel to pick up before work.

My morning smoothie got me through til lunch and about 1.30pm it was time for food. I had
carrot sticks, pepper and avocado, and apple and a green monster, well it kinda looks like mud
so I shall call it my mudshake! My mudshake had a scoop of amazing meal, 1/2 a banana,carob, maca and soya milk.

Yes your eyes are seeing what your think they are CHIPS! I stayed at a friends and we decided to be bad and have chips for dinner, I also had a gherkin. I couldn't resist, I hardly ever have chips
maybe once every 3 months if that, but last night was one of those nights i also had some tomato
sauce and mayo on the side, these were delish. Carb overload but good!

Yes indeed I had space for pudding (as always!) I had soya ice cream, this flavor is so good
Swedish Glace make wonderful dairy free ice cream if you get the chance to try it i definitely recommend that you do!

With my ice cream I had some frozen berries tasty tasty! I will admit more was eaten and after
I felt like a beached whale! I had a lovely night with my friend Leanne and the food just topped it off!

This morning I made a protein smoothie with the last of the berries left form our pudding.
It was a smoothie fit for a king, I didn't get much sleep last night due to a friendly dog, I wont
say anymore but I really don't do well with not getting enough sleep : (

So not getting enough sleep made me hungry I snacked on my favorite Eat Natural bar along with a coffee when I got to work.

On my lunch I nipped out to Holland and Barret, the only health food shop in town open on a Sunday, to get some supplies. I decided to try a new dairy free cream cheese. Tofutti make a range of DF products and I must say this was pretty good. I had my cream cheese on sesame
rice cakes topped with olives stuffed with anchovies with carrot sticks and peppers. Yes again your eyes are not seeing things that is a cookie you see before you! My tiredness always makes me hungry!

After work I decided I must go for a run after my indulgences plus I really fancied
getting out in the cold air.

46 minutes
474 calories
30% fat
max HR 184, avg HR 165

Once back in warm I had a nice hot shower followed by a super green diner. This was definitely what I needed, alfalfa and leek sprouts, steamed spinach, broccoli and green beans mixed with a tin of tuna and Aubergine pesto. A perfect dinner I shall be having pudding but am so tired I shall be turning off my apple baby!

I hope you all had a fun weekend.

I have a question for ya

If you don't get enough sleep do you get the hunger?
Whats your favorite sauce?

Night sweet peeps x x x


  1. oh man, favorite sauce!?!? where to start!! i LOVE HOT SAUCE. and buffalo sauce, sometimes bbq sauce, and ranch..and vinegar! love it all!!

    all of your eats look GREAT . i def get hungrier when i dont get enough sleep! so weird how that works.

  2. the blender looks neat.

    not sure i've noticed a correlation between lack of sleep and hunger.

    fave sauce is tough! not sure i could pick one, but i guess i'd say i like my soy-based sauces...mmm