Monday, 21 December 2009

A Very Long Day........

Hello from Santa! We haven't got our tree up yet but we have got Santa!

So after my breakfast settled I did 40 minutes of yoga before getting ready to go for my driving
lesson and work. Thankfully my instructor gave me the choice of doing my lesson or not as the roads are so icy, I decided not. As I'm still quite nervous I didn't want to scare myself altogether.
So instead I took the icy road to work which meant some extra exercise!

I had to work 12-8 today so a long old day made longer by the freezing cold shop I have to work in I totally wore gloves and a scarf all day! Amazingly my pancakes were so filling I didn't eat my lunch til 4.30pm! I did have an amazing meal/banana smoothie through the afternoon but really wasn't hungry til then, crazy!

When I did sit down to eat I had red quinoa and steamed veg in a sweet pepper sauce whilst reading one of my fav fitness mags.

My sweet treat was a homemade GF + vegan mince pie that I picked up from my local health food shop. While I was there I also ordered my GF + vegan nut roast for Christmas day.
Maggie and Jonathan will be having venison which I do love but always gives me tummy
trouble so instead of being tempted I thought I'd teat myself to a cashew nut roast.
I'm quite excited to try it!

The mince pie was so goooooooood! It was also very filling and I wasn't hungry at all, but after getting home I had a bowl of soup and some rice cakes not pictured cause ya know what it looks like by now!

I have a busy day ahead, a little yoga before work, then after I'm booked into a spin class, I
just hope its not snowing or raining after work, as the walk is gonna be cold cold cold!

Anyhow I'm tired after my long freezing cold day so I shall wish you all goodnight x x


  1. Hey girl! That does sound like a long day, stay warm!! I made your cookies for the party and they were a hit! I loved them and actually couldn't really tell the difference between regular choc chip. I'm glad you told me about the coconut because it provided a great texture. I just whirled some dried coconut flakes in the food processor :) thanks again! when I get my comp back from being fixed I'll be sure to upload and recap

  2. I've never heard of that magazine before! I'll have to look for it, fitness magazines and blogs are all I read these days ;)

  3. Hi santa :) The mince pie looks yummy! Make sure to post pictures of your nut roast too. Hope it warms up a bit for you