Monday, 7 December 2009

Toasted Seeds and Studying

Good Morning!
Or is it not so good as its Monday?
I have today off so all's good for me. I do have lots to get on with though. I plan to spend the day
getting lots of course work done. I'm not sure if I have mentioned what course I am studying?
I will refresh your memory if I have, I am studying a personal trainer course, its really
interesting and I'm loving it. Over the past couple of months my work life has been tuff which had lead to me feeling low and not being bothered to do anything. Things seem to be going ok of late and thankfully I'm back on track, few! So a day of writing awaits. That is of course after I catch up on some very important blog reading!

Breakfast today was goooooooooood!

In the mix:

1/3 cup GF porridge
1/3 cup soya milk + water
4 dates chopped + tbsp cacao nibs + ground linseeds + tsp maca
topped with yogurt, toasted seeds and cinnamon

Oh yeah this is definitely fuel for my brain! Right I need to pop to the shops before
the rain comes and stock up on vegetables, I have the urge to make soup!

Have a nice start to your week peeps x x


  1. Toasted seeds are so good! What a perfect bfast topping. Good luck with the studying today

  2. ahh LOVE toasted seeds.. i bet they are so good in oats! have a GREAT MONDAY LOVELY :)

  3. I look toasted seeds!! YUM YUM!! study hard ;)