Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A Seasonal Breakfast

I woke up early today and washed the locks then had the best breaky taste sensation!

Oh my goody gosh, breakfast was soooooooo good! I added some of the mincemeat
I bought the other day to my GF porridge and boy was it good!

In the mix:

1/4 cup quinoa + buckwheat flakes
soya milk + water
tsp ground linseeds
2tbsp sweet mincemeat
soya yogurt + toasted sunflower seeds

This was the perfect start to my day I plan on going to a spin class at 10am to needed some workout fuel and this I believe has done the job. I need to go dry and sort the hair before
I leave the house into the freezing cold.

Have a good Wednesday x x


  1. Ooh! Your breakfast sounds delicious and very festive indeed! My porridge didn't quite match up to the Christmas glory of your mincemeat..... maybe tomorrow!
    D x

  2. mincemeat! hmm, i totally had to google that ;) sounds like a fantastic addition to your oats!

    have you tried roasting the nuts before making butter? I think it helps bring out some of the natural oils when you grind it up- might be worth a shot!

  3. Yep I did roast the nuts first but my processor is definitely not up to the job!

  4. Keep your head warm in cold weather. He he.

    Have fun at spin!!

  5. I KNOW! that's what i said about the girl in the gym!'ll like this one: THIS GIRL WAS ON TEH STAIR STEPPER EATING BAKED LAYS!?!?!?!

    can you make ME breakfast!?!??!

  6. I remember mincemeat pies at Christmas, can't say I have any idea what it is??

  7. i shall! i shall!. omg. gym stories. i've seen some dude bench press (complete with grunting...totally for show) and then bite his protein bar. or some girl on the elliptical unwrapping her luna bar and eating while going backwards...or the people that bring COFFEE and workout. WHA WHAT?!
    =D i hpe i can find this mincemeat thing!

  8. mmm sounds interesting but tasty! I'd like to try quinoa 'oats'. Have fun at spin!!!
    I'm sure you've posted, but do you have any links to some tried and true GF holiday cookies? I'm going to a cookie exchange on Sat & one of the gals I know would appreciate some cookies she could enjoy :)