Saturday, 5 December 2009

Saucy Sensations!

Maybe it was the maca or just the amount but breakfast held me over till lunch, which I didn't
get to have til about 1.30pm. I did have a coffee around 10ish but no other snacks. Lunch was
real scrummy I had quinoa, raw pepper and carrot, olives and cashew and basil pesto.

My lunch was really filling but I still had room for something sweet! I went for a Flax 9 Bar these are super yummy, sticky seeds with a carob top delish!

My lunch kept me full til dinner time, when my recent addiction to mashed chili butternut squash was back on the plate. I teamed it with a sweet potato soya chunks and steamed broccoli
healthy and tasty.

Align Centre
Pudding of course was up next! I had the urge for some more carob powder which I mixed with,
chopped dates, dessicated coconut, soya yogurt and a ting banana. I think pudding maybe my
favorite meal especially when I have it for breakfast! ha ha ha ha

Hope your weekend is going well x x


  1. so jelous of those DELISH EATS!! have a great saturday lovely!

  2. mashed chili butternut squash??? recipe please!


  3. Oh its easy I literally just steam the butternut, mash it and stir in a tomato and chili sauce so I cheat really! x x