Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Protein Package!

A while after breakfast I was in need of a coffee so I made a fresh pot and put it in my favorite Cath Kidston mug, it makes it taste better I'm sure!

A long with my coffee I had a rice cake with a little tahini. I was catching up on my favorite blogs
can you see in the back ground?! Yep HEAB has got to be one of my favorites,Heather has a great inspirational blog if you haven't been there go now!

Once my snack had digested I got ready to workout. I decided on one of my Davina DVDs , I have her entire collection, each DVD is easy to do but makes you sweat, love it!

60 minutes
344 calories
50% fat
max HR 169, avg HR 119

I needed to refuel after my sweat fest so yep you guest it kale soup was on the menu, teamed with 1/2 an avocado and 1 carrot cut into sticks, tasty!

I also had a power pudding to keep me alert and ready for the roads on my driving lesson.
3 tbsp soya yogurt, 1/4 cup bluberries, tbsp almond butter.
It was 2hrs today, it went quite well just need to stop being so tense, my arms and legs killed after!

YAY! Look what arrived today my hemp protein! I have been inspired by the lovely Debs over at
Smoothie girl eats too to try to get some of this extra weight off with her great smoothie
ways! Smoothies could be the way forward for sure!? Any smoothie ideas or recipes would be very appreciated dear bloggers! xx

Dinner was veggie city! I had soya chunks with 40g rice pasta and pesto. I also had steamed veg
and alfalfa sprouts on the side holy moly I love veg!

For pud I grated an apple added a little quinoa, soya milk, water and cinnamon then heated it up
I then topped it with peach and mango yogurt, yeah baby this was good!

I manged to type up one of my assignments this evening and I shall do the other tomorrow after I get home from the gym.

Right time to start to think about snoozing I ant an early night so I can get up to do some yoga
before work. I really can't wait to have my smoothie breakfast whoop whoop!

see you soon lovelies x x


  1. You are an inspiration! Lots of healthy, delicious eating.

  2. whoa love those pudding creations girl!! yumm!! have fun doing yoga!

  3. Mango yogurt sounds very yummy.
    Great veggie dinner.