Sunday, 6 December 2009

One treat day a week right?!

I had a witches brew breakfast today and they were delish! Today I added some cacao nibs and raisins into the mix yummy! I added some maca powder too and again it held me til lunch.
Look what arrived yesterday!!!!! Yes I invested in a pot of green superfood I have to say the
chocolate is definitely nicer but I this one too just not as much, so once this has been hoovered up I will get the chocolate one again. I made a green smoothie to have before my trip to the gym
after work.

Lunch was pretty random today, I had some carrot and pepper sticks, a boiled egg and an apple.
I also had a coffee when I got work, a Sunday soya latte yum!

My apple was so crisp. I love it when apples are crispy how they should be!

So you may or may not have read my post about not eating any unnatural or processed foods.
Well I think I've done very well all week but then as you can see I broke and had a few chocolates
today. I have decided a treat day once a week is necessary to stay sane, if you don't have a little of what you fancy you'll just binge on it, right?! So once a week I will have a day where a little
bit of treat food is allowed.

Do you have a treat day?

Before the gym I had a real fruit snack and

a superfood smoothie. I forgot to add the banana today so it wasn't to nice but I rescued it with a little rice milk. I walked to the gym after work and had a great workout.

I did 20 minutes of interval training on the treadmill, rower and bike. The rower was a killer
but I got through it, I think I will be feeling it tomorrow though!

1hr 15 minutes
492 calories
50% fat
max HR 166, avg HR 129

I then walked home from the gym ready for dinner!

Dinner was 45g rice pasta, tuna, cashew and basil pesto and green beans, every bite was a joy.

Pudding was quinoa, banana and carob pudding topped with yogurt warm and yummy.

I have tomorrow of, yay, and will be studying like crazy. I'm not going to set my alarm so
I can wake up naturally, which will be early because my body clock is set but its nice not to have to get up at a certain time ya know?

So some blog reading then bed, I feel a rice cake and carob spread may get eaten. Yes I can fit more food in wrong I know but also kinda right!

Monday here we come x x


  1. Hi I just found your blog and frist of all, what a great title and second I have loved reading and catching up. I'm a newbie blogger and hope you'll check me out.

  2. I always believe a little treat is always nice to stay sane :) mmm your pudding is calling my name!

  3. YOUR dinner looks awesome!! looks so great compared to my neverending oatmeal dinners!

  4. Your blog has been good for my health. Last night I made myself quinoa with cooked carrots, baked kale and topped off with a lemon tahini sauce! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. your blog looks great!! I just became a "follower" and am looking forward to reading more!!

    Come visit anytime! :)