Thursday, 17 December 2009

No Bus = More Calories Burned!

Today was a rest day so I woke up showered then just had to have a repeat of yesterdays breakfast with a slight difference, instead of having toasted sunflower seeds I had a tsp of tahini
drizzled over the top, sooooooooo good! I then wrapped up warm for the walk to work.......

I grabbed a coffee on my way in to get through the morning of angry Christmas shoppers all with no time or patience . When lunch time came round I fed my hunger with 1/2 avocado I had left for yesterday, carrot and pepper sticks and........

I also had a amazing meal/rice protein shake, I had an apple too. I went to see a friend after work so before I left work I had a sneaky rice cake and vegan cream cheese sandwich to get through till dinner. I had a good gossip with my friend Wayne which was fun we don't see
each other often enough! I decided to get the bus home so off I went into the freezing cold, by this time the wind had really picked up, I got to the bus stop and no bus for like 20 minutes
so I guessed it was freezing but if I walked fast I'd warm and burn some calories so walking won
it was FREEZING!

So home and like a human ice cube I was in need of a hot dinner, I decided on sardines, rice pasta, steamed veg mixed with the last of my aubergine sauce, tasty.

Pudding was soya yogurt mixed with tbsp carob powder and dates, I love this combo!

Right an early start so I shall say goodnight x x


How do you keep from overeating over the festive season?


  1. i've never had soya yogurt but now I'm interested!...

  2. The thing that keeps me from overeating!! I can't eat most things because of no dairy! Unless I make it, I don't eat it!! :)

  3. Amazing meals as usual!


  4. Mmmm tahini! Yes! That's yogurt right? Baha, just want to make sure. But seriously, I almost never want to eat nuts again, just because I could have the creamy, blended version instead. ;) And yay for spontaneous exercise. Love when that happens.

  5. Overeating over the holidays? I think the trick for me is to not be hungry when I go to parties. I need to eat a bar or something before going into any place with lots of the seasonal foods.