Saturday, 19 December 2009

New Year a New Me

Hello lovely blogger's how's ya weekend going?
I am in my third day of an 8 day work stretch, yep no day off till the big day, so roll on the 25th!
I have decided to make myself do some sort of exercise, other than the general everyday walking,
each day til then so on the 25th I can just chillax!
Today I woke up and did 1hr of yogalates, I'm getting so much better at the poses, I've been practicing just over 2 months and can totally see and feel the difference, I can actually now touch my toes without bending my legs!

So after my morning exercise breakfast was needed, I had the usual GF porridge and added
4 dates, cacao nibs, tsp vanilla syrup, pumpkin seeds, water + vanilla soya milk
then topped it with yogurt and homemade chocolate almond butter.
I don't need to tell how good this was, ok I do it was a TASTE SENSATION!

Before work I made a real easy soup so I could just get in and have dinner made, I got these
great GF/DF + yeast free stock cubes so I added one of these to the pot along with.........

2 carrots, 2 garlic cloves, 1/2 butternut squash, a parsnip and some frozen spinach (not pictured!) plus some spices, celery salt and turmeric boiled and left ready to eat after work.

I also through together a quick smoothie and some pepper and carrot sticks to have at work for lunch. Now I gotta be honest when I got to work there was a giant tin of chocolates on the counter, and you know as its Christmas I felt rude not joining in so I had a couple or maybe 5/6
oops! I also had a couple of rice cakes with vegan cream cheese with lunch.
Honesty is the best policy right?!

When I got home the soup was whizzed up and I had some rice cakes and tahini along with it for dinner. i am now settled on the sofa with a herbal tea contemplating pudding. Not sure what to have..............

I have decided to take part in a January detox. If you follow the Choosing Raw blog
written by the lovely Gena you will know the detox I am referring to. If you don't and would like more info you can go here or here to find out about it.
Obviously living in the UK I'm in the wrong place to take part in person so thew lovely Gena will be sending meal plans and recipes my way via email, yay!
So this will be the start of the new me, a detox to kick things off an maybe veganism to follow?
I am still undecided can I give up eggs and fish? Not sure.


Do you have any January health plans you would like to share?
I'd love to know x x


  1. I have been rockin the rice cakes lately too. I enjoy them!!

    My January health goal is to start training for another race (running) I used to love running, but life gets in the way sometimes!!

    Happy Saturday,

  2. My goodness! That is lots of work. I hope you get some nice relaxing in once you finally get a day off. Good luck with Gena's detox. Health goals for new year? Hmmm- keep on perfecting my form and technique for teaching group fitness and increase my protein in take. Since becoming a vegetarian, I have focused on hitting at least 50 g a day...I want to push that up a bit to 60 or 70 g

  3. I wish to start training yoga too!
    Please look here

  4. I need to start getting exercise incorporated into my life. I have to make it a priority starting January.

  5. i plan on staying healthy..and working out early in the morning! i gota get my butt out of bed, haha. your soup looks great! such comfort food :)

  6. Oooh, I've got a butternut squash in my kitchen right now just dying to be pureed into a soup :)

    I actually feel pretty good about my current eating and exercise routine. It's just the rest of my life that's a mess!! So January will be allll about sorting it out. Although, I have a feeling it may spill into February and March ;)

  7. Congrats on feeling the yogalates. I love that sense of accomplishment with sticking with something, and actually (for once!) being able to tell the difference in yourself. Total accomplishment.

    Rice cakes with tahini? Mmm sounds wonderous.