Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Market Marvelous, Bon Voyage!

Today started with a tasty breakfast quinoa porridge, vanilla soy milk, banana, mixed seeds and cinnamon. It twas divine!

Coffee was the first mission of the day and we popped into my favorite cafe for one last cafe latte with soya milk yum!

I have loved this cafe since I lived in Barcelona and whenever I visit the city I always go back
to my favorite haunt.

Jonathan sitting on our favorite corner table.

Align Centre Align Right Justify Full Yummy coffee!

Kasparo can be found in one of Barcelona's little squares, which are dotted about the city. I particularly like this one because the cafe sits under some beautiful arches and is a perfect place to people watch! After our morning coffee I had a few hours to kill before lunch and setting off to the airport so we went to have a stroll around the Mercat de la Boqueria. This market can be found just off La Rambla, the main street in the centre of Barcelona and is wonderful, but very expensive!

The amazing array of fruits was mouth watering!

I could have tried every one of these chocolates, but a las I was good!

All sorts of sugared fruits and marzipan fruits, it took a lot of will power not to get some marzipan, I luuuuuuurrrrrvvvvv marzipan!

This sugar mountain wasn't so appealing but it looked pretty so I couldn't resist a shot!

This is far more my cup of tea, the vegetables were right up my street, I could have bought them all! Shame I was going home : (

WowZas nut galore!
After the market we walked home to have lunch and get me packed.

I packed a juicy apple for the plane ride.

For lunch I had much the same as the rest of the week, steamed veg, sardines and olives. I also had 4 tiny quail eggs to make it a little different. I officially love quail eggs not only are they tasty but delicious too!

Just so you know I did remove the shell after I took the photo!

3pm came round pretty quick and we had to set off for the airport. I took a couple of shots on the way. I loved the shape of this building.

Back home now and ready for bed........nearly! I will confess I had no food when I finally got home so rice cakes and almond butter were on the menu no picture sorry!

I can't wait till tomorrow exercise here I come!
Night x x

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