Friday, 4 December 2009

Maca Maybe?

My driving lesson went pretty well earlier today, I actually went onto a main road! After
I got home I was kinda peckish so I gobbled some rice cake sandwiches one with carob spread and one with tahini, I also had a Pukka Tea.

Look what arrived in the post today!!!!!!!!! I had heard a buzz in the blog world about this Maca
and after seeing Jenna from Live Eat Run speak so highly about it I new it had to be googled! I was amazed by what I found, I have some problems with my hormones I wont go into to much detail but 8 years of all sorts of tests and my doctors still don't have any answers, so
after reading about this powder I am willing to give it go, fingers crossed this could be the answer I've been waiting for!

I actually got some course work done today, I finished my third assignment ready to be typed
up and started the forth getting the first couple of questions done so I'm happy with that. I
got peckish after giving my mind a workout so my green soup appeared again (a small addiction maybe!?)

I ate y=this with half a pepper and a rice cake with tahini.

I needed pud so an apple heated with some yogurt hit the spot, sprinkled with cinnamon yum!
After some more writing it was suddenly 6pm and time for my spinning class, so I chucked on my exercise gear and ran the half mile to my gym. 45 minute class then ran back.

125 minutes
596 calories
45% fat
max HR 183, avg HR 132

Once I got home and showered I was super hungry. I really enjoyed the butternut squash mash I had yesterday so thought what the heck I'll have it again so I did! I teamed the mash with steamed greens and an omelet made with 1 egg, 2 whites and some olives stuffed with anchovies what can say, yum yum YUM!

I obviously needed pudding so more yogurt was needed, you now how I love my yogurt!
Soya yogurt, dessicated coconut, raisins, 2 tsp carob powder and 1 tsp of maca powder.
This was delish and definitely fed my sweet tooth.

Work tomorrow and I want to fit a workout in before which means getting an early night so
night night all x x


  1. Glad the driving lesson went well! Lots of great eats today. I love rice cakes covered in AB or PB- just so tasty. I also love the phrase- peckish - so so cute. Have a good weekend

  2. I love olives in omelets! I thought I was the only weird person who did!

  3. GIRL that was a crazy long workout!! i couldnt workout 2 days in a row after that!!

    love the apples+yogurt!!