Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A little annoyed!

My day started well with a delicious bowl of mincemeat protein oats topped with homemade
chocolate almond butter. No need to tell you they filled me up right til lunch so good!

The wintry rain was horrible this morning so I got a lift to work, plus I have had a really painful
swollen toe which has slowly gotten worse over the past couple of days but I still planned to go to
spin today...........

The pain has slowly worsened during the course of the day and it turns out I have chilblains!
Oh my god so painful, they are brought on by the change of hot to really cold weather. So working in a freezing cold shop has taken its toll and I am left with some very painful toes : (

I went out on lunch to get some cream then settled in the back office to have lunch in the only
warm place at work. I had quinoa, steamed veg and vegan pesto.

I also had a piece of the gluten and dairy free lemon drizzle cake Maggie made so good!
After a lot of uming and aring I decided against spin my toe is so painful I think it would have been a bad idea. I so wanted to go too and now feel bad that I couldn't...........

Once I got home I had a tasty dinner of rice noodles, butternut squash and carrots mashed into
a roasted vegetable sauce mixed with garlic stuffed olives. I also had 1/2 an avocado on the side.

I know what your thinking more cake!? Yep I had another slice of cake after dinner with some
soya yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon, yum!

I know have presents to wrap and biscuits to bake. I am taking some biscuits to work tomorrow and some with me to my friends little gathering tomorrow night. I better get to it!


Do you feel bad if you miss an exercise session?


  1. girl im sorry!!! if i feel bad initially then i tell myself it was MEANT to happen, and try to move on and not dwell on it, nothing is going to happen to me! atleast your eats still look AMAZING :)

  2. Oh no! I HATE chilblains, I get them every winter, they're so horrid, sore and insanely itchy! The best thing to do to avoid them if you're prone (usually if you have poor circulation) is to keep your fingers and toes warm, wrap up with gloves and socks, don't let your skin get cracked, cream up, and when you come inside let them warm up gradually don't put them under hot water!
    I love the look of your supper, and mmm that cake, so moist!Have you had the Nana's lemon vegan cookies? (from Holland & Barrett) That reminds me of them.
    Don't feel bad about not exercising, it's just one day and it's not like you haven't done anything today, rest is always good for us.

  3. I used to feel bad but I've missed so many lately that I would be feeling bad all the time. I really need to get back to exercising!

    Sorry about your toe, I hate any kind of foot pain. Where do you work that it is so cold?

  4. sorry about your toes!! my plantar fascia is being a pain in the...foot! UGH!

    haven't found mincemeat but i'm still on the hunt!

    i do feel bad because exercise makes me feel awesome =D