Monday, 28 December 2009

Last Night and Today

I had a great yoga and target toning yesterday before dinner and it made me feel so much better
after so much time doing pretty much nothing! I also had a tasty dinner of steamed veg and
soya mince in a vegan pesto sauce.

I finished off the day with some grated apple mixed with a tiny slither of Christmas cake topped with soya yogurt, so good! I was really tired so got an early night before having to get up for work
: (

I forgot to show you a picture of our pretty tree so here it is!

I woke up fresh and ready for some morning exercise. I did 40 mins of pilates to get my ready for the day. Then had a filling breakfast of mincemeat protein oats filling and satisfying.
Then I walked to work, my toe is still a little sore but is much better and it felt good to walk.

Breakfast kept me going til 2pm thankfully as it was so busy at work. For lunch I had some
pepper and carrot sticks and a green monster, I saved the apple for later and ate it just before I left work to walk home.

I popped round to see my dad after work (he lives next door to me!) then after a while was
feeling hungry so left to come home and make din dins. I had a bowl of soup and added
some extra veggies with some GF toast and vegan cheese spread on the side. This was really good
but as always I feel some pudding will be needed. I am pretty sure a slice of Christmas cake
will be on the cards!

I have to work til NYE then have the 1st off thank god!
I'm planning a detox from the first so am still eating some riches but now I'm back
on the exercise plan I'm feeling pretty good.
I have an important meeting tomorrow but can't reveal anything yet, just keep your fingers
crossed for me!

What are your plans for New Years Eve?
Anything exciting planned, I'd love to know x x


  1. I can't tell you how yummy that soya mince in a vegan pesto sauce looks- yum! The tree is beautiful. So cool that your daddy lives so close- that must be fun. We're spending New Year's with Josh's family and going to a college basketball game!!

  2. ahh i so need to figure out my new years plans! i have no idea.
    i love how u incorperated your christmas cake into breakfast! :)