Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Jeans in the Gym?

Hello how's ya Tuesday? Mine has been ok, well I worked today so as ok as it can be! Yesterday I
made some more almond butter, this time I added some cocoa and a tiny squirt of agave, again it
didn't come out wet enough. Unfortunately I need a better processor a lot more powerful!

So onto breaky I had quinoa, 1/2 banana yogurt, maca, chocolate almond butter and it was fab!

On my way to work I popped into a household shop and bought myself a thermal cup, which means once I have had my usual bought coffee when I start work I can then have nettle tea for the rest of the day in my giant thermos yay! We don't have coffee/tea facilities at work just hot water so this way I get a hot drink all day now the weather is freezing!

Align Centre
For lunch I had carrot and pepper sticks, a boiled egg and rice cakes with cheese and chive tofutti dairy free cream cheese I also had an apple.

After work I went to the gym so I took a hemp protein drink to work to keep me going.
My workout was great I did 20 mins on the bike, 20 mins on the cross trainer and 10 mins
on the stepper

60 minutes
454 calories
45% fat
max HR 169, avg HR 136

While on the bike I noticed a boy in the gym wearing a pair of jeans whilst
working out, whats that all about? Surely that's gotta be uncomfortable!?

I walked home after the gym and was super hungry when I got home I steamed some veg and
had a sweet pot with tinned mackerel in tomato sauce, delish!

For pud I had some cubed pineapple yogurt and toasted seeds fresh and tasty.
I'm off work tomorrow, my last till Christmas : ( so I can stay up and read some of your wonderful blogs before I go to bed.


Whats the weirdest thing you've seen someone where at the gym?

Night x x


  1. dang girlfriend yous a beast at the gym!
    ive seen a man wear TIGHT SPANDEX bright green shorts, and a tank top..and let me tell you-didnt leave anything to the imagination!

  2. the other day dude was wearing a scarf at the gym. like one of those girly trendy triangle ones.

  3. a girl wearing a skirt. yeah. seriously.