Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The future is bright but definitely not orange!

Well what an exciting day! I can now see a future ahead filled with lots of exciting new
things and experiences! I had an important meeting today with my bank. I wont go into to much detail but put it this way I have a car in my future. There is also another amazing thing in my future but still I can't mention it not for another couple of months then all will become clear
and I will be smiling form ear to ear!

So before going for my meeting at the bank I woke early and did 40 minutes of yoga then made some chocolate protein GF porridge this was real filling luckily as i didn't get lunch til 3.15pm!

Lunch was a tasty mix of steamed veg raw pepper and a boiled egg, I also had an apple and a little later half a green monster. I am very unsure about the hemp protein I have it has a funny taste to it.

Does anyone have any ideas what I could do with the hemp protein?

I have really put on some weight over recent months and have got to sort it!

How do you loose weight? Any good ideas to share? x x


  1. More protein
    More fiber

    p90X and insanity



  2. Hi Tam,

    What is your top picture of? Looks like some kind of yummy dessert!

    Congrats on your exciting news (whatever it is!)

    I've used hemp protein powder here in some smoothies which masked the taste of hemp pretty well! Is hemp legal to consume in the UK? Here, it's not so much.

    I Imagine you could use it to make some healthy cookies or brownies (just because the hemp powder is really brown) or some kind of chocolate mousse perhaps?

    It's okay to put on a bit of weight-it is the holidays after all! It's happened to me aswell.

    Usually when I have a bit of weight to loose I just kick up the excerise (cause my diet is pretty good). And drink lots of water- often when we're hungry we're just really thirsty!

    Have a great new years eve and a great 2010!


  3. i doubt that you need to lose weight girl! fo real!! you eat SO healthy!!
    i dont like hemp protein either!