Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Food Fever

I will be honest with you, I did not get up for an early morning yoga session today. I went to bed
quite late this always happens when Jonathan is home we get chatting and the night disappears.
Plus our boiler has been broken since Sunday and our house is like an ice box!

I got up in time to have a delicious breakfast though. I had protein oats and boy were they good!
I also had some organic dark chocolate chips thrown in so good! This really filled me up
just like the pancakes I'm liking the way this mix keeps me full no snacks needed!
Well until I got to work........
Yes my will power has not been on my side today there was a big tin of chocs at work today and
yes my hand went in more than once, twice um put it this way I pigged!

Around 2pm I had a healthy lunch of quinoa, steamed veg and olives in a sweet pepper sauce it was fresh and tasted good. I also had an apple before leaving work in preparation for my spin class. Spin lasted 45 minutes and was a real calorie burner, thank god! I also walked home
as well as walking to work this morning.

When i got home look what was waiting for me! Not only has our heating been fixed but
Maggie had made a lemon drizzle cake GF + DF just for me, lucky huh!?
For dinner I had the last of my soup and some rice cakes.

Then I did indeed have room for some cake which was delish. I think I've eaten a bit to much today though and feel a little food feverish! Its again been a long day
but only 2 left then 3 days off, so can't wait.


Do you have any plans for Christmas eve?

I'm going to a friends for a small gathering which is sounding more and more fun...........


  1. I don't have any Christmas Eve plans. I have to work during the day so will probably just relax at home with the husband at night.

    Happy Holiday's!

  2. T'is the season darling. I've learned that we just need to embrace the food fever feeling for a couple week. It ain't going away!! I was breaking off large chunks of chocolate myself last night. It was even expired!!!!