Thursday, 10 December 2009

Feeling the burn!

This the picture unfortunately doesn't do my breakfast justice, frogspawn is not the look I was going for! I have to say my first smoothie was a triumph absolutely delicious!!!!!!

In the mix:

1 cup water
1 cup soya milk
4 ice cubes
ground linseeds, maca,
xanthan gum, guar gum
vanilla hemp protein, topped with toasted seeds

This went down well after my 40 minute pilate session this morning, I made a little to much so I took the rest to work with me, I drank it throughout the morning. I also had a coffee when I got to work. Today has been a good work day. Each month we get a mystery shopper come into store
and one of us will get mystery shopped then a report will be written about how well we did. I
was mystery shopped last month and 95% for how well I did! So smiles all round!

My smoothie definitely kept me going till lunch, but by 1.30pm I was feeling hungry. Foe lunch
I had a carrot chopped, an egg and 1/2 an avocado I also had a n apple which I forgot to picture
whoops! After lunch I went to the gym I did 20 mins on the bike, 20 mins on cross trainer and 10 mins on the stepper:

55 minutes
421 calories
45% fat
max HR 170, avg HR 139

I felt fine before the gym but boy am I feeling the burn now! The workout I did yesterday
really made my butt cheeks feel the burn and its worse now, I think tomorrow will have to be a day off the exercise other than walking to work, if I can walk that is!

After the gym I went food shopping with my papa and didn't get home til after 7pm so obviously
I was starving! Quickest thing to eat? You got it the last of my Kale soup! Today I steamed some veg and chucked it in, I had some rice cakes and tahini on the side delish.

I bought some buckwheat flakes today and thought I'd best just make some pudding from them!
So I had buckwheat and carob pudding topped with yogurt and a smidge of almond butter
oh yeah this was good!

I don't start work till 10am tomorrow so shall have a nice relaxing morning, I'm looking forward to tomorrow night an old friend is coming round with a Johnny Depp movie praise the lord!
Yes I cannot lie the man has the face of a god!

Hope you've had a nice Thursday x x


  1. Yummy eats!

    Check out my blog -

  2. So I have to do you have time to eat so healthy all of the time?! Maybe it's a misconception, but it seems that it takes so much extra time and energy to eat this well. and I'm so exhausted by the time I get home from work. I am also having major motivation problems when it comes to exercising lately...any suggestions?

    ps. you're amazing!


  3. hahah dont you love "feeling the burn?" that means you had a ballin workout! LOVE your pudding creations boo

  4. Your lunch looks fabulous....simple but so great!! Avocado mmmm! I love when I feel the workout burn!

  5. Egg and avocado is the besssst combo. It tastes so rich and gluttonous and is in fact ludicrously healthy.