Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Eye of the Tiger

I had a great spin class today, it was a different instructor but she was really good and made us work for an hour playing the best music. Yep she even played Rocky's Eye of the Tiger!
I love it when you have good music to workout to, it makes it so much easier, right?
After walking home I was kinda hungry so had a green monster to get me through til lunch.
I bought some perfect sweet natural sugar substitute the other day and put just under a tsp in, it made my drink sweet and tasty.

Look what arrived while I was out! My tickets for The Diet and Fitness show, I booked them a while ago for me and my housemate so can't wait to go!

Lunch was natural and healthy I had a tiny sweet pot, beets, grated carrot and 1/2 avocado. I
also drizzled a little sesame oil on the potato, yum!

I also had some soya yogurt, 1/2 banana and some of that homemade chocolate/almond
butter, this is to good! This made me ready for my 2hr driving lesson.

I went to my sisters to watch the Hangover tonight and made my dinner to take with me
(its easier making my own, especially not being able to eat most normal food!)

I made quinoa, soya chunks, steamed veg and aubergine sauce, I also had a lemon soya yogurt
which was gobbled so quick I forgot to photo it! oops

I'm sleepy so time to snooze.


Whats your favorite music to work out to?


  1. Interesting show--lookin' forward to hearing about it from you. Sesame oil is the BOMB! I love love love the smell (and taste) of it!

  2. i still havent seen the hangover! heard it was hilarious tho.

    glad you had a great spin class love! mine played CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!! I was so happy!!

  3. oh that yogurt bowl looks delicious!

  4. Love the look of that quinoa!

    Haha, I'm so lazy that I don't work out. But at the moment I tend to dance in a crazy, sadly nonrhythmic way when my favourite christmas songs play. Is unintentional burning of calories counted? If so it would have to be any of the Jackson 5 chrismtas songs!