Friday, 4 December 2009

Diamonds are a girls best friend!

I picked up my yogurt order yesterday so it was only right to have a yogurty breakfast!
In the mix:

1/3 cup GF porridge
1/3 cup soya milk + water
tbsp linseeds + cacao nibs
4 dates chopped
topped with soya yogurt + homemade almond butter

Wow! This breakfast was a taste sensation! Just what I needed after my morning yoga
and weight routine. I did about 40 mins of beginners yoga and 20 mins of toning with some weights.

After breakfast I had a freshly ground coffee with a tsp of agave and soya milk, do you
like my new friend!? I got another little bird for my hair along with the best gift ever!

Yes my friend Wayne has truly treated me, I received this beautiful gift yesterday and
just can't believe its mine! It is a Dior pendant with a lip gloss concealed under a cluster of swarovski crystals!
Don't you just love it!? I know I do!

I have today off, I know how lucky am I? A week off work then one day on and now a day off, so
good! I have to get on with my course today I've been so slack these recent weeks so today I
must finish my 3rd assignment. I also have a driving lesson in a couple of hours so need to prepare for that.

Have a good Friday peeps x x