Monday, 14 December 2009

Day Off

First up I couldn't help stop myself sharing these cute pictures from last night. The little girl belongs to some friends of ours she is called Casey and she is such a cutie, don't ya think?!

So onto today I received some new protein powder the other day so thought it only right to give it a try.

I had a pineapple and banana breakfast soup it was pretty good topped with toasted seeds, I then spent my morning off reading blogs before some exercise.

I did 30 minutes of toning then 50 minutes of yoga, it was a good workout I even broke into a sweat! Plus it made me ready for lunch.

Lunch was 2 tiny sweet pots with cashew pesto, grated carrot, alfalfa and leak sprouts. Tasty and healthy, I like having lunch at home because it can be hot food which is good in this frosty weather. I need to make some soup me thinks.

After lunch I had an apple chopped topped with yogurt and almond butter, this looks a lot bigger than it actually was!

You probably wont remember but when I started this blog a few posts in I ran a competition for my first follower. Well the winner was a sweet girl named Jane and she got a small selection of healthy goodies, in the package I sent was a panda liquorice bar, grizzly bar, an organic
milk chocolate snowman and one of my homemade badges. I think she liked it!?
As a thank you sweet Jane sent me these in return, they are transfers for your laptop or wherever
you want to put them, I absolutely love the gold bird thank you so much!

I managed to type up my forth assignment today and will start reading the 5th tonight before bed, I definitely need to pick up the pace on my course. Foe dinner I had steamed spinach with
brown rice pasta raw peppers, green beans and aubergine pesto, scrummy!

After dinner I had some carob/banana quinoa and yogurt. Then my friend Marigold came round,
we were supposed to watch Public Enemies with Johnny Depp but just chatted and didn't get round to the film!

Right my bed is calling to me, work tomorrow : (

I hope your week has started well?


Whats the best thing you have received from a fellow blogger?


  1. I haven't received anything yet BUT I have sent out 2 packages so I am looking SO forward to to getting the packages from them!! :)

    I think those exchanges are so fun!!

    Your food today looks sooo yummy!!

  2. I think I accidentally Xed out before the comment published (sorry if it didn't and this is a duplicate)

    She is a cutie!! Your eats are so colorful--especially the shredded carrots! I guess the best thing I've received is the stuff I got on Open Sky!

  3. wow, you always have such creative and healthy meal and snack idea!

  4. Hey,

    I happened to come here from Jane's space.... Loved it all.... She is really sweet....& so r u to have sent those goodies that she loved....A nice badge too...Nice contest that was...

    Happy Celebrations!!!!