Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas Day Re Cap + The Return of Normality

Oh what a wonderful day we had, Christmas really was splendid this year. Good friends, good food and good times. My Christmas dinner was fab too. I had my vegan/GF nut roast which was sooooooo good along with roast pots + parsnips and veg. I enjoyed every mouthful but was stuffed to the gills after even so I made room for a slice of Christmas cake!
I am a lover of marzipan and this bad bay was homemade and gluten free smothered in homemade marzipan delish!

I received so many great gifts how lucky I am. My Christmas bauble from my sister was so beautiful I love it! I made my dad a GF Christmas cake too and planted a tiny marzipan snowman on the top (top left corner!), he definitely had character!

Boxing day was spent eating more food and watching films, we watched shopaholic (another
gift!) which is another favorite film then me and Jonathan went to stay with friends for the night.
We played some boardgames and drank a little bubbly.

Today I am trying to get back to normality, with all this left over food its gonna be tuf!
After getting home this morning I had a bowl of protein banana GF porridge which hit the spot til lunch. For lunch I made some fresh spinach and swede soup the purity of the meal was great!
I had some GF bread with tahini on the side.

Oops is that another slice of Christmas cake i think it might be! Just be honest shall I?
I couldn't resist!

Well I will also be honest and tell you I haven't exercised since Tuesday!!!!!!!!
I feel like such a slob : (
My toe though is finally getting better and my house mates are due to go out in about an hour so I shall be partaking in some serious yoga and toning exercises!
And do ya know what I can't wait! I feel quite bloated so need to sort myself before
New Years Eve as I have a new outfit that I would like to feel good in!

So for now cheerio have a lovely evening! x x

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  1. what GREAT eats!! that christmas cake looks so great! that is totally fine you havent exercised since tuesday :) tis the season to enjoy family!