Friday, 11 December 2009

Breakfast for pudding?

I again had some spare smoothie today so I chucked in a few chopped dates and took it to work to have as my mid morning snack. I also got a coffee while at work. I definitely needed the caffeine today my sore old legs!

Today was one of those days when I was starving so I was grateful when lunch came round.
I had organic spinach leaves, a tiny sweet potato and a dollop of cashew and basil pesto. I also had some sesame oil on the leaves of extra flavor it was just what I needed........

but I also needed a pudding today. On my lunch break I took a quick walk to my fav health food shop and grabbed a slice of cake. Today they had gluten and dairy free ginger cake, boy this
was good! The top was all sticky just the way I like my ginger cake I could have eaten 2 pieces!

I had lunch quite early for me so by 4.30pm I was kinda peckish so a faithful apple I had with me
was good enough to hold me til dinner time.

Once home all I could think about was vegetables so I steamed a load. I mixed them with the last of my chili tomato sauce and a tin of mackerel in tomato sauce, yummy veggie sensation!

And of course pud was needed, today I kinda had my usual breakfast for pudding but a smaller
portion , quinoa pud with soya yogurt and almond butter. A big thumbs up!

My friend Marigold was meant to come round tonight but she can't make it and we have rearranged for Monday which is actually better for me. I have an early morning tomorrow so would like an early night, my Johnny Depp obsession will have to wait til then.

I am staying at a friends tomorrow night to watch the X Factor finals so am looking forward to that. It will most probably be a late night so better get some beauty sleep tonight,
I'm so tired!

I wish you all a good weekend, I'm working both days so boo hoo! x x


  1. i loooove the snow on your bloggie! the ginger cake looks to die. have a fun weekend!!

  2. MMmm, those dates on the smoothie look good! Cashew pesto sounds awesome too. Hope you have a blast tonight after your weekend of work!! :)

  3. LOVE all your puddin creations, my dear!
    hahah im dumb-it took me like forever to figure out the title of this and what it meant..i was like, did she mean to say that or did she mean pudding for breakfast? ha! have a great sunday!