Monday, 7 December 2009

Brain power foods and lots of um!

After re-stocking my vegetables I put some soup on to cook while I studied:

Kale Soup

half large bag of kale
2 carrots
1 parsnip
2 cloves of garlic
yeast/dairy and GF stock cube

I needed a snack to keep my mind on work, I had a coffee with a tsp agave and rice cake with tahini and natural jam this hit the spot, the rice cakes may have appeared later on in the day too!
Half way through assignment 4 and I started to get peckish again.......

It was nearly 2pm so I figured I needed lunch, I made a raw green superfood soup which included a large handful of spinach, a banana, a small glass of soya milk and one of water, a scoop of amazing meal and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I teamed this with an apple and half an avocado delish! I ate the other half of avocado later on it was calling my name ok!

I finished off the last of my almond butter in a rice cake so needed some more, I gave it another go but again it didn't come out quite right. I desperately need a decent blender the one
we have is not up to scratch and today I used a coffee grinder! So yeah my almond butter is
not perfect but it tastes good so that's all that matters right?!

I managed to finish my 4th assignment today, yay! Then remembered I needed to hoover my bedroom so did that and then it was time for dinner, more food!!!! I had a bowl of my freshly made kale soup and a small bowl of sweet potato and butternut squash chili mash. I also mixed in half a tin of sardines in tomato sauce, I know what your thinking, its all wrong, but let me tell
you its so right plus a good hit of omega 3's!

Align Centre
Can you believe I actually had room for pudding!? Well to be honest I didn't but after buying some blueberries today they were on my mind so I made room! I had some soya yogurt, blueberries and a little of the almond butter I made, wow this was good!

I have to say I'm stuffed to the gills though and feeling sleepy, you mat have noticed I
didn't do any actual exercise today other than walking to the shop. My body needed a day off to recover from the last 5 days of exercise, and we all know how are bodies need at least one day off to relax and be ready for the next round! Which for me is tomorrow, yoga first thing, walk to work, spinning after work then walk home (if its not raining, if it is I shall get the bus!). So
a busy day ahead.

I'm pooped after my healthy food overload night lovelies x x


  1. Your kale soup sounds fabulous.. so easy, too!! Its the perfect din for a cold night!

  2. It really was tasty, I'm very pleased with results!

  3. Your soup looks yummy!

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  4. Mmm I love your blog! :)

    your desert looks great :)
    whats your favorite soy yogurt?