Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Boy I love a good spin!

Before work today I popped into my favorite health food store to replenish some store cupboard
staples such as quinoa flakes, carob powder, tahini and soya yogurt. I was also going to buy some
gluten/dairy free mince pies, tis the season after all but instead I just bought a jar of the mince and have decided to make my own, stay tuned for my mincy creations! I also grabbed a coffee on the way to work and added some rice milk when I got there.

Breakfast held me over till lunch which I didn't get til 2pm! You guessed it I was famished!
So my steamed veg in a pesto sauce, an egg and alfalfa sprouts made my tummy real happy.
I also had a crunchy brae burn apple.

After work I had a spin class to go to so I drank a green monster to fuel me through, yum. My spin class was a good and just what I needed after a boring day!

45 minutes
248 calories
55% fat
max HR 152, avg HR 115

I walked home after class and needed to refuel, yes guys I'm afraid its a little day ja voo around here tonight. I had a bowl of Kale soup and a small sweet pot with 1/2 a tin of sardines mixed with some chili sauce, this was a very satisfying meal.

I still needed pudding though! warmed pears with mango soya yogurt and a little sprinkle of
homemade almond butter you got it, TASTY!

I have tomorrow off so can now stay up a while catching up on all you blogs yay!
See you soon x


  1. I so miss spin, but Insanity dvds have been kicking my butt!

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    I'd love for you to visit!


  2. I absolutely adora spin class! I just recently took one - and have since become obsessed! Its such a good way to start or end your day!

    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Sounds like some great eats! I want to try the soya yogurt sometime. :)