Sunday, 20 December 2009

Berry Booster

Last night I stayed up quite late waiting for the return of my friend Jonathan. He is back for
Christmas which makes me happy happy happy! He didn't get back til gone 11pm which was a late night for me!

So tired this morning my belly was in need of a feed, ha ha that rhymes don't ya love it!?
So to quieten my tum I had a delicious breaky:

GF porridge, cherries + berries, ground linseeds, maca, yogurt and homemade chocolate almond butter ahhhhhhhhhhh so good!

Our usual coffee place was shut today so we got a costa I had a soya latte, which along with my breakfast definitely kept me going till lunch

1pm came round and food was needed I had a scrummy lunch, sweet potatoes, steamed carrots and parsnip, raw red pepper all mixed with the rest of my sun dried tomato sauce perfect lunch.
I also had some chocolate rice cakes this too was uber filling kept me going for the last of my Christmas shopping and through my great gym session.

In the gym:

20 mins on the bike, 11 mins rower, 20 mins treadmill, 11 mins stepper:
I do interval training for each

I also did the plank for 1 min, stretched then walked home, pretty good if I do say so myself!
Once I got home I thought I'd get some extra nutrients in my soup so chopped up some
beets and chucked um in, this was surprisingly a great combo. I had rice cakes with vegan cream cheese and a couple with tahini too ; )

After freshening up I made a rooibos, ginger and cinnamon tea kindly brought over from Barcelona by Jonathan, its one of my favorites.

Then for pud I grated an apple heated it up and topped it with soya yogurt and toasted pumpkin seeds, I poured out a few to may seeds but ate them anyway!

Then to finish my day some chocolates with mint how I can eat all this I don't know but I can!
Plus ya know tis the season and all that!

Now for some blog reading then bed.......

Have you had a nice weekend?
What have you done anything exciting? I'd love to know x x


  1. Sounds like a successful day! Homemade choc almond butter??!! Wow looks all crumbly and creamy....dark choc rice cakes sound good too, I like rice cakes with nutella on them!