Monday, 23 November 2009

Yogurt Frenzy!

Sequins on a gloomy day make the sun shine..........

I did an hour workout before dinner, it was a mix of pilates and yoga. I have a new yoga dvd
its pretty tuff as I'm a beginner, I can't wait til I can do all the moves without wobbling!

For dinner I had some butternut squash and parsnip soup with steamed veg and a vegan little pesto.

Align CentreAs I had such a light dinner I figured pudding was needed. More yogurt was on the menu! Its
been a yogurt frenzy today. I love it, soya yogurt makes anything taste so much better!

I made a quinoa and carob pudding topped with yep yogurt!

Right i have some course work and an early night a head, good night peeps x


  1. I have a lot of yogurt frenzy days! It is the perfect food- you can pair it with anything. I most recently went with yogurt and a crumbled lemon zest luna bar... and on top of black bean soup... and then with apples and cinnamon!

  2. No shame--yogurt is the love of my life!!