Thursday, 19 November 2009

We have a winner!

When Maggie bought me the teas on Tuesday she was also given some samples,
ooooooo which one!?

Right I have a winner! You might have read in my older post that the first follower of my blog will win a healthy prize, well we have a winner!

The lovely winner is:

Jane Malinina she is a beautiful girl with a beautiful blog, Jane Malinina design, you gotta check it out!

I will post a picture of the winnings. Maybe I'll do little healthy competitions more often
I love the feeling of getting little gifts together and making someone smile.
Do you like that idea?

So onto breakfast it was a taste sensation! My porridge took the carob, date and walnut road and
boy did it hit the spot, kinda like having pudding for breakfast!
I'm having a day off the exercise today well other than walking to work which is about 25 mins
so I'm getting some. I still ache from my run/spin session on Tuesday!

Now I must get my lunch ready for work, quinoa and spinach is on the menu.
I also feel the urge for a beetroot juice, yep indeed I do.

Have a nice Thursday x x

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