Monday, 16 November 2009

Tea in the Park

Even though breakfast was really filling about half an hour before lunch I got a little peckish
so I snacked on a crunchy braeburn.

Lunch was super tasty! I had tinned mackerel, great protein and fish oils, with some steamed
veg with pesto and sprinkled with vegan cheezly. It is my favorite fake cheese!

The cheezly tasted so good on the veg!

Pudding was more GF cake its just to good! A couple of hours later me and Jonathan went for a walk in the park.

We stopped off in the park cafe for an afternoon refreshment. Jonathan had a coffee with soya
milk and a piece of flour less vegan chocolate torte. I couldn't resist a little bite it was delish!

I had a refreshing mint t.

The cafe is called eat really they also have another place in Hastings town center, it caters for everyone which is good for allergy sufferers!

Once we were home a fresh ginger and honey was needed to warm our hands and tummies.
I put some soup on for dinner and relaxed with my spicy tea yum!

For dinner I made the best soup! I accompanied mine with some GF genius bread and a
few slices of beetroot. Taste Sensation!!!!!!!

Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

1 onion chopped
2 gloves of crushed garlic
olive oil
half a squash skin left on
1 sweet potato GF/vegan stock

I fry the onion and garlic in olive oil and then chuck in the other ingredients cover with boiling water and leave for an hour. Whiz it all up in the liquidizer and serve. I have to say this soup
was really REALLY good, I think you should have a try you'll love it!

Next up pudding there is a tiny slice of cake left hmmmmmmm...........

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  1. looks like a fun day and some great eats! :)