Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday Movie Day

Even though I went to bed really late last night (well 1.40am is very late for me these days!)
I still woke up pretty early, 7.30am much to my friends surprise. I just have to wake him up to
come down stairs and hang with me. As we only see each other about 4 times a year if we're lucky, the time we do have together must be cherished!

So I went down stairs and put the kettle on and had the urge to watch Sex In The City. Oh how
I love Carrie she is my fashion idol and all that she wears I wish I owned!

For breakfast today I had toast, yep I am gluten intolerant so I had gluten free bread.
This gluten free bread is the best I have ever tasted, better than any I have ever made, it is actually like a REAL loaf. So so good, it is made by Genius but being quite expensive I don't really have it that often. Today was definitely a toast day, if you are gluten intolerant and
can't be bothered to bake your own I highly recommend this bread, delicious!

Sunday is definitely being a day off as in no exercise and eating what ever I choose! I haven't had a slob day in ages and with my friend, oops I never told you his name, its Johnathon so now you know! So because he's here we are enjoying a sofa slob day with snacks and movies. One sweet treat on the menu today is a small bar of Caburys Bournville Dark Chocolate it is gluten and dairy free so I can eat it, and I shall do so enjoying every bite! What makes it even better is the weather is lousy outside so being cosy on the sofa is even better!

Enjoy your Sunday whatever your up to x x


  1. Sofa slob day sounds fabulous :) That bread looks great! I'm glad they're finally coming out with more GF if they could only make them cheaper ;)

  2. I miss Sex and the City...

    I love lazy Sundays.