Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A seaside town and more cake!

My breakfast was so filling I didn't need anything till lunch. 1 o'clock came round and I was
ready for steaming bowl of the soup my made yesterday. I had some beetroot and a slice of GF
toast with tahini, it hit the spot!

After lunch the hat crew headed out for an afternoon in the seaside town Bexhill On-Sea
it is the next town along from my own, it is very pretty these days and we went to a small art
exhibition in the Del A Warr Parvillion, a 1930's building.

We walked around the little town and I bought a pretty little spoon and bowl, I will take some
shots of them soon promise!

After a while we all fancied some tea and yep you guessed it cake! There was a tiny little cafe that looked nice an cosy, we checked the menu and unbelievably they had a whole list of dairy and gluten free treats. It was the obvious choice!

Jonathan just couldn't choose which colour cupcake to have so he had all 3!

The cupcakes were so pretty, could you choose?!

Maggie chose a slice of lemon drizzle, we also shared a chocolate brownie.

Yep I too could not choose so I had a banana and cranberry muffin, plus half the brownie!

Oh my these were sooooooooo good I'm glad I couldn't choose and had both, my thighs might not be!

I had a liquorish, mint and rose tea just what I needed, refreshing, warm and tasty. Pukka make the best teas I love all the flavors.

The cafe was so cute, the lady working there was super nice too.

Once our tummies were full and we had warmed up our hands we headed back out onto the seafront, then it was time to go home.

After all that cake I'm glad I have an early evening spin class. I did do an 80 min yoga dvd this morning but I'm in need of a good cardio blast. I gotta work there, about 25 mins, and back so better get ready.

Hope your days is tasting as good as mine! x x

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  1. ooo such a wonderful eating adventure you are on! Everything looks so delicious :)