Sunday, 15 November 2009

Roller Disco Day!

Cinnamon I think is my favorite spice and usually makes an appearance at breakfast time.

Sunflower seeds dry toasted smell delish and taste delish!

Breakfast building!

The final result.
I had some pomegranate left so topped my porridge with it, I also had yogurt (I just can't resist!)
and cacao nibs too!

My best friend is here!!!!!!! He got back really late from the airport so I was asleep.
It was nice to come down stairs and see his footwear lying on the floor.

I also found a little friend waiting for me!!!!!
A gift from Germany I love it and can't wait to put it on the tree!

For lunch I had soup and an apple, for dinner I had steamed veg with a mushroom and pea omelet it was yummy. I forgot to take pictures. I was just so rushed to get ready for the roller disco!

I had 2 little bottles of Lambrusco bubbles!
I also had 2 sailor jerrys and diet coke while I was out.

I wore sequins and had a tiny bird in my hair!

Me and my bestest friend!
We had lots of fun at the roller disco, then we went off to town. We only stayed in
town for 2 drinks then got the bus home. These days I prefer my long johns and slippers to
a night on the town!

Hope your all having a good weekend?

I have tomorrow off yay!

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