Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Roll on the weekend!

Even though my breakfast was really filling I still felt kinda hungry as I walked to work. I picked up a decaff coffee on the way and added some rice milk when I got to work. It was exactly what I needed, I also needed the one I had about an hour later!

I had my soup at lunch and caught up on some reading, womens fitness magazine is one of my favorites. There is always interesting articles and facts.

Around 3pm I was kinda peckish so I had a 9 bar to hold me over till dinner, it's covered in carob and super tasty!

For dinner I had soya chunks with steamed veg in a vegan pesto with some avocado, the
avocado was perfectly ripe, yum.

Pudding was a grated apple heated with soya yogurt and toasted seeds, I also had a pukka tea.

I have a fun weekend on the way and can't wait. Friday I have a friend coming round as an early birthday kinda dinner, she's bringing the food too! Then Sunday I'm having a 'pot luck' bring a dish style evening at my sisters, which is also an early birthday night. As I'm away for my birthday I'm getting lots of early gatherings yay!

Is there anything your looking forward to this weekend?

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