Thursday, 12 November 2009

Roll on tomorrow!

My breakfast certainly did keep my full until lunch, and what a pretty lunch I had.
I love being off work and at home for lunch especially when it turns out like this!

On the menu:

40g brown rice pasta,
soya chunks,
steamed veg,
pesto sauce

I boiled the pasta, steamed the veg and then stirred in my delicious vegan pesto.
I fried the soya chunks in spray oil and tumeric and a little salt and pepper.
It was a delicious colourful lunch, pleasing to the eye and the tummy!

Not a scrap left, I worked up a hunger by writing a very long email. The email I spent most of the day writing was very important and once I can tell you about it I will, for now though my lips are sealed.

I needed something for pud before hitting the gym. I had a yummy ripe pear, cherry soya yogurt topped with 10 almonds. I then finished off my email and headed out to the gym.
I did a 40min weight workout in the gym, I then met a friend to play squash for an hour.
I've only just started to play so spent most of the hour serving the ball but I'll get there in the end.

I needed a pick me up at the gym and had this refreshing juice. Raspberry and pear juice,
it was gooooood!

Before hitting the gym I popped into town to my favorite health food shop Trinity Wholefoods. I had to pick up my weekly order of yogurt and I treated my self to some cacao nibs. I had an idea for pud!

My idea was a success. I had soup for dinner, same as usual. You see I make a big batch of soup that last for 3/4 meals, its easy and nutritious which is a thumbs up from me. So I didn't picture dinner as I don't want you to get bored of a blog I only just started!
So anyway pudding, I made some quinoa pudding with cacao nibs, coconut, yogurt and cinnamon it was a dream I can tell ya!

So the reason I am looking forward to tomorrow is my best friend is coming home from Barcelona tomorrow and staying till next Wednesday. I live with his mum so he will be staying literally with me and I can't wait I miss him so much. I used to live there with him but that's a story to tell another time.

Anyway I need to blow dry my hair night y'all x

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