Thursday, 12 November 2009

Pretty Pomegranates

Pomegranate Power!

Pomegranates have lots of health benefits here is just a few, they:

Fight against breast, lung and prostate cancer.
Help to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and protect your arteries.
Prevention against osteoarthritis and Alzheimer's disease.
As well as dental protection!

So the great pom is definitely worth adding to your diet oh yes it is!

Breakfast was rather pretty this morning if I do say so myself! It was very filling too just what i needed on this cold frosty morning in November. I haven't been sleeping to well of late.
Work troubles have been disturbing my sleep but today I managed to sleep till 7am!!!!! That is actually a lay in for me I've been waking at 5am for the past month restless and unsettled. I think a small change has happened in my brain over the past few days, I know i mustn't let work woes get me down I must use this bad situation to make good things happen in my life.

GF porridge mix 1/2 cup
soya milk + water 1/2 cup of each
tbsp ground linseeds + carob powder
soya yogurt
topped with pomegranate and 3 walnut halves

This will definitely hold me till lunch!

A fresh coffee in my favorite mug was perfect for my morning of internet catch up.

I thought I'd let you know what makes up my perfect Gluten Free porridge mix.

In the mix:
1/3 quinoa flakes
1/3 toasted soya bran
1/3 millet flakes

I put this in a large glass jar and give it a good shake. This is the perfect alternative if
you can't eat oats but are addicted to a morning bowl of porridge like me.

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