Monday, 23 November 2009

The prettiest pink party!

After I finished work I went to my sister Jes's home for my little party. I was so surprised,
she made it so pretty and pink! There were balloons, roses and pretty pink cakes and sweets!

Excuse the flash! My cookie bites went down a storm!

Jes made the most prettiest pink gluten and dairy free muffins.

Pink shrimps yum!

Fresh roses made the table so pretty.

I have a small glittery bird obsession. I like to wear them in my hair strange to some maybe but
I love them. My sister fed this addiction last night and I received lots of new birds including this little fella!

A pile of gifts for the lucky birthday girl, yes I did open my gifts even though my birthday is not til the 29th! I will be away on my actual birthday so its ok right?!

I love the card and felt bad unwrapping these beautiful gifts, I didn't want to ruin the paper!

Opps bad flash picture alert! I also bought a giant salad to the party, mixed leaves, beets, pepper,
baby toms and cucumber, yum!

Olives in garlic, olive oil and mixed herbs always go down well.

My sis got some cream soda.
I never drink fizzy drinks but for cream soda I made an exception!

My friend Roxanne made some mackerel pate and accompanied it with some tasty crudites.
I couldn't eat this because it was made with creme fraiche but it was apparently very good!

My friend Judith made the best dish of the night! Tempura made with rice flour! Meaning
I could eat them, the vegetables included broccoli. asparagus and a variety of mushrooms.
OH MY GOD these were so good! The mushrooms kinda tasted like meaty prawns.
Everyone just loved these.

We also had teriyaki chicken and lemon and pepper chicken, all the savories went down a treat
but we were all stuffed!

Me and my girls.
Roxanne, Emmali, me, Judith and Jes's
I had such a lovely night it was perfect. We watched The September Issue. I've wanted to see
it for ages so this was a perfect time.

I finished off with one of my choco-coconut bites and a delicious cup cake. I have to
say this was the best gluten and dairy free cupcake I have EVER eaten, it was so
fluffy and light, I wish I'd had room for another but I was stuffed!

It was the best evening I've had in a long time so thank you lovely friends I'm one lucky lady x


  1. What an adorable party!! All the eats looked amazing, wouldn't even guess they were gluten free. I want that cupcake recipe! and tempura?! yummy So glad you had a great time :)

  2. They were the best, I will get the recipe from my sister and post it for sure! x

  3. Sounds like an amazing party. Your sister and friends did an excellent job - you are truly loved. :)

    Happy early birthday!!!!

    P.S. Totally jealous of the rice flour tempura. That is genius!

  4. Ooh! loving the cupcakes! Gorgeous pink theme for your party too!