Sunday, 22 November 2009

Party Day!

I started today with an hour of yogalates and 15 mins of my new yoga dvd.

For breakfast I had GF porridge with raisins, grated apple, yogurt and nuts. I might have had a
sneaky choco bite too, opps!

I can't wait to finish work today and go to my little party. I'm having it at my sister Jes's home.
Lots of fun and great friends I couldn't ask for more. I must go and get my party dress

Have a lovely Sunday, I plan too!


  1. thanks for sharing darling
    love it
    and thanks for the sweet comments

    check out my blog @

  2. Great bfast bowl- I love raisins in porridge! A little bit of choco never hurt anyone ;) Again- hope the party is a blasty