Tuesday, 17 November 2009

New Header and overnight oats gone wrong!

My new header!!!!!!!!! I love it, my very talented sister, Jes, designed me two headers
for my blog and it was so hard to decide which one to use. I settled on the above and will
use the other when this one has had its day! Jes's blog headers are always so beautiful and
now I have my own! Do you like it?

I keep seeing overnight oats on all the blogs I follow and boy do they look good. So I thought I gotta try them, having a gluten allergy I obviously can't use oats so I used my usual GF porridge mix........hmmmmmm not so much. The grain really did not soften so instead of wasting what
I had made I heated the mixture up and I have to say it was absolutely fab!

In the mix:

1 cup of GF porridge mix, 1 cup of soya milk + 1cup of soya yogurt
mixed the night before and then heated

I then stirred in dessicated coconut, cinnamon + squeeze of algave

Topped with fresh blueberries, raspberries and ground linseeds

Anyone that has a way of making overnight oats gluten free please let me know!


  1. Oh no! Nice rescue! Glad you were still able to enjoy breakfast. I hate wasting food and would have done the same thing! :)

  2. wow, what a great looking breakfast!
    I like your blog name & header ♥

  3. I love the new header! Its totally gorgeous girl. I want that salad now :) Way to make your bfast work when it didn't turn out like you expected. All the fruit on there looks super yummy. Hope you have a good day!!

  4. Thank you my sister is one talented lady x

  5. Nice new header! I've been wanting to update my blog look for ages now. I've never tried any GF overnight oats? but mmm, that looks yummy :) That's awesome you've done a 1/2 marathon! I think I like running if I can get my body to cooperate. Hope your hip gets better too