Saturday, 28 November 2009

My first Persimmon!

After breakfast I had a another wonder juice! Pomegranate, ooooooooo it was really refreshing
I hardly ever drink juice but after finding this and the lychee one I'm thinking I should make it
a bit more often!

I have just been chilling with Jonathan today at his cute little flat in Barcelona. I decided I
needed an uber healthy lunch so I steamed some butternut squash and mashed it with a
can of sardines in tomato sauce bones n all! (I need the calcium!) I through some olives
stuffed with anchovies in and had a side of beets. It really was good.

For some flavor I decided to add a sprinkle of Herbamare it has lots of ingredients as well
as salt and tastes great.

My first persimmon!
So many of the blogs I follow have been featuring this tasty fruit, but I could never find any in the shops where I live. While strolling around Barcelona I came across some and new I had to
try one. I have not been disappointed, sweet soft and fresh. I teamed it with some soya yogurt and cinnamon a perfect pud! I look forward to trying one again.

Its 3.50pm now and we're about to hit the shops (they stay open till 9pm yay!) so I need to get sorted and ready for some retail therapy! Oh yeah I also had a dark chocolate rice cake oops! hehehe!

So tonight we're hitting the city for a double birthday celebration, mine tomorrow and
Jonathans on Monday. I see some cocktails in my future!

Have a fun Saturday night, I know I will x x


  1. Ooh, I've never tried persimmon either - I want one now!
    Hope you have a great time in Barcelona!!!

  2. Your squash and beet dish sounds delish! I will definitely be checking back in again to see what other tasty ideas you have!