Monday, 30 November 2009

Last night in Barcelona : (

So I actually did some exercise today, proper exercise!!!!! Yep after reporting my missing passport to the police we came back to the flat, Jonathan went for an afternoon nap and
I took the opportunity to get some exercise in. Don't get me wrong I was pretty tired but
exercise was desperately needed! I did 30 minutes of toning and 38 minutes of pilates it felt good. I have loved this holiday but am looking forward to getting home and getting back into my exercise routine.

After my workout I was ready for some lunch. I went for sardines in tom sauce mixed with green beans carrots and olives with a side of beets and broccoli.

To feed my sweet tooth I had the end of a pot of soya yogurt with some mango and sprinkle
of cinnamon, I love cinnamon sprinkled on anything.

After lunch we headed out to the cinema, the walk to the cinema was about 45mins, and we went to see Paranormal Activity. It was pretty
creepy I must say, glad I didn't go alone! Before the film we got a coffee with soya milk.

Jonathan is a popcorn monster!

Align Centre
The box of popcorn was insanely big and yes he ate the whole box himself! I didn't have one
piece I don't really get a long with corn.

I had a water and an apple, no picture of the apple as I ate it while the film was on!

Before the fear got us!

After the film it was dinner time we went to a lovely organic restaurant called Organic Orgasmic I had the most delicious salad it included

watercress, salad leaves, grated carrot, black/green olives, alfalfa sprouts, rice with red cabbage,
a small baked new potato, a boiled egg, sunflower/pumpkin and sesame seeds topped with a little olive oil

Oh my gosh this was a great great meal and so cheap well worth the visit.

Home. Pyjamas. Laptop

I needed something sweet so had the last of my fig cake which was perfect. So I think I've started my resolutions pretty well don't ya think?!!!

So back home tomorrow, kinda sad but looking forward to getting in my own bed and getting back to a normal routine my tummy is playing up at the mo : (

Right time to chat before sleep, night peeps x x

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