Friday, 13 November 2009

The Good The Bad

The Bad!
Coffee break today was joined by sweets, we have loads of promotional sweets at
work. Its so hard when everyone is having them so today again sweets were enjoyed!

For lunch I had my usual soup and rice cakes with tahini, it was scrummy.
Then before I went to my spin class after work I ate some walnuts for peddle power!

I really wanted something naughty like chips for dinner but couldn't be bothered to wait in the chippy so after spinning I cooked up some steamed veg and tuna mayo with peppers so pretty healthy other than the mayo!

I was in need of pudding so made myself some quinoa + carob pudding. I chopped up some dates for sweetness and topped with yogurt yummy!

Not long now and my best friend will be here from Barcelona Yippee! We are going to a roller
disco tomorrow and I'm very excited I haven't been roller booting for ages!

Hope you have a fun weekend ahead like I do x x

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  1. yum i must try that pudding! I love carob! Please check and out my fashion and lifestyle blog follow mine as I will yours! xo