Thursday, 19 November 2009

The future is bright........

I didn't start work today still 12 so before I left I had a glass of beetroot juice. It is so
good, refreshing and full of flavor. I don't normally drink juice but this I could drink everyday!

I made a tasty lunch of quinoa, spinach, carrots, avocado and garlic stuffed olives. I don't get
lunch till late on a Thursday so I was definitely in need of this by 2.30pm!

Before work I popped to a friends for a chat and a cup of mint tea, he generously gave me this box of tea, what a sweetie!

I also got a decaff coffee on the way to work, just to get me through!

My afternoon snack was delish, I had some coconut sesame snacks. I love all the flavors of these
choc, plain and coconut all so good!

Dinner was made in 5 min and eaten in about 10! I was so hungry when I got home form work,
I made one of those anything goes kinda dinner messes.
I had steamed veg mixed in with sardines and an egg. I also topped it with some vegan cheese
it was lovely even if I did chuck it down my neck so fast I barely tasted it, joke!

For pud I had a little fruit salad with yogurt and some chocolate discs. Served in my new
bowl with my new spoon love it, tasted pretty good too!

So I have had some amazing news but have to keep it in a little longer. I will share my news as soon as it is a definite thing. What I will say is, I'M SO EXCITED! If all works out my future
will be very bright and I shall be smiling from ear to ear.

Night peeps x x