Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Food fuel

Today at work we started to sell the iphone so I needed a good filling breakfast to get me through till lunch, plus I got up this morning and did 40minutes of kickboxing Grrrrrrr!

45g GF porridge mix
2tsp carob powder
soya milk + water
natural soya yogurt
ground linseeds and coconut

Lunch also needed to be filling as I go spinning on Tuesdays after work.

Red quinoa, steamed vegetables and vegan pesto for flavor yum!

A tasty snack before spin class, I only ate half the apple. My boss was being his usual
nasty self which put me off. I needed to spin!

Hmmmmmmm dinner homemade swede, sweet potato and butternut squash soup, just what I needed after a good 45min spin class. also had rice cakes with tahini

Pudding was half a pot of natural soya yogurt, 1 small pot of cherry soya yogurt and some toasted seeds delish! I also had a mint tea for my tummy

My day has been ok my boss may a nightmare but I really am going to try to not let it get to me. I'm lucky my co-workers are the best!

So I hope you have liked my first food post x x

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